streda 29. augusta 2012

Inspiration - Nicki Minaj

Yes.It´s Nicki Minaj,b***es.Someone will say,she is absolutely terrible and sick.But in my opinion she is very funny and inspirational.She is crazy and it is interesting.Sometimes she look like a monster but from time to time her fashion creations are really refreshing and superior.What do you think?:)

pondelok 20. augusta 2012

Blue flowers

Hey everyone! It was busy week so I didn´t have a time to post a contribution.Sorry.I was at Grape festival and LMFAO concert. It was really fun. They were great but not the best. Now I´m at the spa and I enjoy it! Here is m outfit fro the first day.It´s too hot here.I´m wearing top from second hand (don´t really know how I get it,lol) and black shorts from Stradivarius.These flats are my favourite,they are from Asos.Post a comment if you like it.:)

štvrtok 9. augusta 2012

New ombre hair!

Hey guys!I´m going to Grape festival in Slovakia tomorrow.I´m so excited!Especially I look forward to Example.He is my favourite!:) I decided made my hair ombre and this is result.What do you think?It´s better or worse?Write me:)

streda 8. augusta 2012

Let it be ;)

Today´s look was really comfortable and simple.I love it for the simplicity.Don´t you think?:)
Write me your opinions.:)

nedeľa 5. augusta 2012

Liebster award

Thank you christina-frankie for nominating me for the Liebster award! She is really beautiful and stylish girl!:) Check out her blog.

The Liebster award is nominated to up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers.
Here are the rules for the Liebster award: 
1. Post a link leading to your nominator's blog with some information about him/her on your blog
2. Share 11 facts about yourself
3. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers

11 facts about me:
1.I´m a singer.
2.I love music:jazz,rock,pop,hip-hop,dnb.But I hate heavy metal.
3.I´m funny and friendly person.
4.I love intelligent conversations about interesting things.
5.I hate false and unpleasant people.
6.I love dark things,like horrors.
7.My favourite tv series are : Skins,House,Gossip girl.
8.My style icon is Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.
9.I want to visit New York,London,Paris,Tokyo,Cuba,Mexico,Brasil.
10.I love foreign cultures.
11.I like people and good atmosphere together.:)

My favourite 11 blogs with less then 200 followers:

Congrats,guys :) <3

sobota 4. augusta 2012

This is neon love!

Hey guys,I wanto to thank for many nice comments and followers.Thank you so much! And now here is my new look with green and pink.This is really crazy but elegant.Don´t you think?:)

streda 1. augusta 2012

BCBG Max Azria - Pre Spring 2013

My favourite collection for spring 2013.Absolutely fresh and pure.Neon colors with white.Isn´t it just amazing?Tell me what you think!:)