streda 9. apríla 2014

Elie Saab - Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 2014

Hello darlings. I´m amazed ! Again! That is just breathtaking :) Just like fairytale. Enjoy!
Btw: What is your favourite fashion collection for Spring/Summer 2014? Let me know!

nedeľa 30. marca 2014

New tattoo

I want you just tell you that I´ve got tattoo. I was thinking a lot about what it should be,but finally I´ve decided for this. Do you know who have it too? If yes, write it to comments. :) I just wanted smething positive,pretty and beautiful. And I had an amazing summer and I want to have it amazing this year, too. When I was young I had to deal with some bad things, and I was always thinking about amazing live, abut paradise, somewhere at the beach, with good people and good vibration. And that is the point. When I have a bad mood I always look at my hand and it reminds me of all good things I have and I want to and it always give me a hope. Don´t you sometimes dream about paradise too? :)

nedeľa 23. marca 2014

I´m back!

Hello,hello darlings. I haven´t been here for such a long time. I´m sorry. Do you remember me after all this time? I hope so. :) So I decided to revive my blog. I hope you guys are ready. I´ll be happy if you write me what are your ideas for blog and what you want to see here. Because I want you to be satisfied. So HELLO again!
And if you don´t remember me,this is me ;D This photo is from summer in Turkey. :)